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One Blade for all sawing

Choosing the correct band saw blade for your cutting application does not have to be a difficult decision. We make that choice easy for you with our general-purpose Bi-Metal blade — what we call our GP Blade. Its long blade life and the ability to cut a variety of different materials will mean far fewer blade changes and increased productivity.

Ellis Saw Blades

Ellis GP Blade
Cuts most materials:

  • Cold Roll
  • Hot Roll
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Cast Iron

Width Thickness
1/4″ .025
3/8″ .025
1/2″ .025
5/8″ .035
3/4″ .035
1″ .037
1-1/4″ .042
1-1/2″ .050
2″ .063

* Bi-Metal
* Available for all blade widths
* A distinct tooth style for most cutting needs
* Excellent to use when cutting a variety of materials

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