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Ellis Band Saw 1800


  • Head of band saw moves left or right for angle cutting
  • Built-in Protractor for fast and accurate selection of angles
  • Stock remains in one position for all cuts
(90° & 45°)
11” Round at 90°
10” Pipe at 90°
14” Flat at 90°
11” H x 10” W at 90°
9” Round at 45°
8” Pipe at 45°
9” Flat at 45°
11” H x 6” W at 45°
Blade Speeds (3) 55-115-230 FPM
Blade Size 11’0” x 1”
Feed Control Hydraulic Adjusting
Vise Quick Adjusting Camlock
Shut Off Automatic
Motor – Standard 1 H.P. 110/220 Volt Single Phase
Optional 3 PH 220-440-460-480-575
Optional Mobil Unit Kit – Dual Wheel
(Must be factory installed!)
Shipping Weight 650 lbs.
Size Table Height 28”
Length 66”
Width 29-3/8”
Height 47”
Sealed Oil Bath Worm Gear Standard
Removable Chip Tray Standard
Construction Heavy Steel; Welded & Machined for Accuracy & Durability

*Specifications are subject to change without notice

Accessories – 1800 Part #
Air System 5922 (120V)
5932 (230V)
2 Roller Support Stand with
Stock Gauge and Micro-Adjuster
Single Stock Stand – 1 Roller 6185
Stock Stand – 5’ Long
(12″ W or 20″ W ) 4-Rollers
Pipe Clamp Attachment
for Camlock Vise
Screw Type Vise 6621
Pipe Clamp Attachment
for Screw Vise
Vertical Table (11” x 20”) with
Blade Guard and Post
Mobil Unit Kit – Dual Wheel
(Must be factory installed!)


Ellis Screw Vise Saw 3000 & 4000
Screw Type Vise
Ellis Pipe Clamp Attachment
Pipe Clamp Attachment with Screw Type Vise
Ellis Roller Support Stand
2 Roller Support Stand with Stock Gauge and Micro-Adjuster
Ellis Self Supporting Stock Stands
Self Supporting Stock Stands
Ellis Band Saw 1800
Model 1800: Mobile Unit Kit – Dual Wheel (Must be Factory Installed!)

I bought this 1800 when I lived in Wisconsin almost 20 years ago.  Still going strong.  Great saw.

I have worked as a machinist and am very impressed with the Ellis line of saws.

I would like a good quality saw.  I have used many different brands of saws but never an Ellis.  I have had the pleasure of using one of your belt sanders and am impressed with the quality of that machine.

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